Draft day

After receiving the plans to the Mistral Mk II, I began going about deciding how I would like my boat configured.  As I can't help letting the day job tools bleed into the rest of my life, it was apparent that a trade study based on observation from sailing the Mousetrap, from Jeff (the Mousetrap builder) and other Mistral sailors comments.  Feeling confident with the results of my analysis, I made some modifications to the hull design.  The first step was to loft the bulkheads and hull panel patterns on mylar.  My buddy Foster frequently helped hold the film down to the floor by laying on it. 
Here's the bulkhead patterns.  The redlines are the deviation from the Mistral design which is on the white sheet behind the film.
Clear as mud, right? It's amazing how little changes ripple through the geometry of all the cut pieces.  None of the Mistral patterns were unmodified when I got to overlay the two designs.  Hope it translates in the 3rd dimensions.

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