Filling and fairing, but not real fair

Close inspection of the bottom after adding fiberglass and a coat of epoxy showed a bottom that needed some additional fairing.  The option of clear coat to show of the wood grain of the hull was just not an option any more.  I regret spending the time to stain the thing.  It would have looked good if I could have made it work. Oh well, on to plan B.  I got to work filling and fairing the bottom with putty.  I elected to put a white high build epoxy primer on the bottom as a final finish.  I selected Interlux Interprotect 2000E Epoxy Primer.  I'm not fancy enough to spray on so I went with the rolled on approach with a fine foam rollers.  

Last glimpse of the plywood finish as putty was applied to uneven surfaces. 

Boat after three coats of epoxy primer

Two more coats of the primer applied to finish out the hull

As I have learned, you need to wait long enough for the primer to be sandable without gumming up your sandpaper...but not too long.  Life and work got in the way of finishing out the hull.  By the time I got back to it 10 days later, this stuff was really hard!  I gave up and figured that I could get it sanded  before the skippers meeting at the Midwinters.  Wow, this stuff is really hard.  On race day two of us got to it and didn't make much progress after aggressively hitting it with 320 grit in places before working our way to a 600 grit wet sand.  Not great, but good enough.  Race day one had bigger problems than a fair hull for me to worry about though...


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